Windycon Dealers' Room Information

The Dealers' Room will again be in Sections A-E of the Grand Ballroom on the main level of the hotel. The room is about 9400 square feet with a high ceiling. The tables will be 72" by 30" with two chairs and one covering each.

Electricity is available if needed. As of this writing there is no charge for standard electrical hookups. Please note under special needs on your application. Please do not assume that I know what you need. Bring heavy-duty extension cords, power strips, and duct tape since your electrical access may be some distance away behind your table.

Although dealers are responsible for the security of their own merchandise, we are planning to have sleep-over guards.

Windycon is a science fiction/fantasy convention, for devotees of those particular genres. Thus, we are looking for vendors who only deal in items related to science fiction or fantasy - books; DVDs; music CDs; costumes; jewelry; toys; games; models; art prints or posters – anything with a science-fiction or fantasy theme. We're not interested in diet supplements; exercise equipment; energy drinks, furniture, or anything else not related to SF or fantasy. So if you don’t have merchandise that fits our theme, we strongly suggest that you not apply for tables at our convention. There are plenty of other venues - trade shows or training seminars, for example - where you can sell your wares.

Cost and Application

The first table costs $110 and includes one convention membership.

A second table costs $75 and does not include a membership.

A third table will cost an additional $105 (total of $290 for three tables and one membership).

There will be no lottery. Tables will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

Windycon Dealer's Table Application

Return Applications and Checks to

Kerry Kuhn
Windycon Dealer's Application
816 Brown Hills Ct.
Rockford, IL 61107

Questions and Comments to

Bill Jorns
Windycon Dealers' Room
554 S. Rex Blvd.
Elmhurst, IL 60126

Preliminary Hours


All dealers and assistants must have their own memberships to Windycon. Additional memberships are available from Windycon Registration.

There will be no smoking in the Dealers' Room.

There will be no vending from any of the hotel guest rooms. This hotel has also established this policy, and will be enforcing it.

All audio material must be kept muted or listened to with headphones.

No incense or open flames.

Dealers are responsible for charging and submitting Illinois Sales Tax.

If there is a question we have not answered here, then please contact us at