Music Concerts and ...

Our accomplished performers have traveled from hither and yon truly, from Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Tennesee, Rhode Island, and all the wild yonders of the Chicago area to tell their tales of marvelous deeds achieved by the bold, the brave, and the unexpectedly (or possibly accidentally) heroic. We are proud to be one of the best Midwest cons for filk (the music of science fiction and fantasy) and inclusive of all types of music that fans enjoy.

All concerts & panels are in Lilac A unless otherwise noted.

Friday Evening

8:00pm – John McDaid (Junior Ballroom C) –

9:00pm – The Faithful Sidekicks (Junior Ballroom C) –

10:00pm – Open Music Circle


10:00am – Intro to Music Theory (panel)

11:00am – Performance Tips & Tricks (panel)

12:00pm – Tunesters Union (Carol Ferraro & Barisha Letterman)

1:00pm – David Rantanen

2:00pm – Andrea Dale –

3:00pm – Tom Smith (Jr. Ballroom C) –

4:00pm – GoH Jen Midkiff (Jr. Ballroom C) –

6:00pm – Trinary

7:00pm – Collaborative Songwriting (panel)

8:00pm – Lauren Cox -

9:00pm – Theme Circle: Songs About Heroes

10:00pm – Open Music Circle (Lilac A/C)


12:00pm – Toyboat (Junior Ballroom C) –

1:00pm – Windy City Jam Band (our con musicians demonstrate How Heroes Play Well With Others)