Science Guest of Honor: Holly Wilper

Holly Wilper

Holly initially studied biochemistry, which she used to work in cancer research, analytical chemistry, and computational biology, before getting bored and going back to school. She then studied computer science and went to work at Intel and then NVIDIA working in software development tools for threading correctness, memory checking, performance profiling, and power management. In her spare time (after job/kids/sleep), she rides her horse, participates in several civic organizations, plays games (video and tabletop), and teaches self-defense classes. Before kids, she was active in fandom, served on multiple concoms, ran lots of art at auctions, sat on panels, and just generally participated. She watches too much television and reads a wide swath of genre fiction (mystery, fantasy, science fiction, horror), with a predilection for cross-genre works, dystopias, and long books with interesting characters. Who knows what will happen if she gets bored again, best to keep her distracted.