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Artist Demo Table Rules

All Artists must have a Windycon membership. No membership is included with table rental. The artist demo tables are inside the art show—no need to tear-down every night. These can provide power and security. The artist alley is in the art programming room and must be vacated every night.

Artists must be actively engaged in their craft. Simply sitting and selling is prohibited.

Selling custom made work on demand is encouraged; selling pre-made work is limited to four (4) small pieces or equivalent on display at any one time.

Windycon reserves the right to adjust these rules as necessary to maintain a professional atmosphere and provide the highest possible service to our members.

Tables in the art show are $20 for half a 6’ by 30" table or $30 for a full table. Fees are due and payable at the convention. Checks should be made out to Windycon and given to the Art Show Director.

Apply for an artist demo table in the art show by sending your request to artshow at windycon dot org.

If you have any questions about the Art Show or Auction at Windycon, please send us an email at artshow at windycon dot org.