Ken Hite Gaming Guest of Honor

Ken Hite

Multiple Origins, Golden Geek, and ENnie Award winner Kenneth Hite has designed, written, or co-authored more than 100 roleplaying games and supplements, including the Star Trek Roleplaying Game, GURPS Horror, Call of Cthulhu d20, The Dresden Files RPG, Qelong, The Day After Ragnarok, and Bubblegumshoe. His most recent works include the Trail of Cthulhu and Night’s Black Agents RPGs, Bookhounds of London, Hideous Creatures, The Dracula Dossier, and The Fall of DELTA GREEN RPG, all from Pelgrane Press; and an ongoing column in Sweden’s Fenix magazine, the Delta Green RPG from Arc Dream, Hellenistika with Handiwork Games, and Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Edition from White Wolf.

Outside tabletop gaming, his works include The Nazi Occult and The Cthulhu Wars for Osprey Publishing, Tour de Lovecraft: the Tales and Tour de Lovecraft: the Destinations, Cthulhu 101, The Thrill of Dracula, and a series of Lovecraftian children’s books: Where the Deep Ones Are, The Antarctic Express, Cliffourd the Big Red God, and Goodnight Azathoth. He wrote the script for the graphic illustrated version of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to U.S. History, and for the historical comic book included in Secret Hitler. He has published several Cthulhu Mythos short stories, and wrote the “Lost in Lovecraft” column for the Hugo-winning incarnation of Weird Tales. An Artistic Associate at Chicago’s WildClaw Theatre, he served as dramaturg for their stage production of The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Half of the award-winning podcast Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, he lives in Chicago with two Lovecraftian cats and his non-Lovecraftian wife, Sheila.

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